Custom Cascade
Custom Cascade
Custom Cascade offers everything from standard falls to custom designs to meet any creative concept. Residential to commercial and everything in between, Custom Cascade designs are as limitless as your imagination.

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Fire & Water Product Guide

Fire and some of our most popular water features are captured in this guide, providing product details as well as lifestyle shots to help display the creative possibilities.

Sheets of liquid glass cascade down, creating a gentle effervescence as the waterfall meets the surface below.
Cannon Fall

For those environments where you're looking for a bold burst of water. Can be used individually or in multiples for a more dramatic impact.
Channel Spout

Individual channels allow you to make a dramatic aquatic statement in an abundance of creative ways.

This beautiful sheet-like curtain of water can be designed to be as subtle or dramatic as its environment dictates.
Curved Vessel

A Curved Vessel is necessary when the requirements of the radius demand that both the front and back of the fall be curved.
Open Top SheetFall

Internal baffles smooth the flow of water as it skims across an extended platform, gently sheeting over the edge and gracefully sliding into the water below.

As theatrical as rain effects already are, the RainArc takes it a step further by projecting the water further out into its environment.

Make it rain on demand. RainCurtains create a visually stunning effect while providing one of the most relaxing sounds on the planet.

Creates a scattered pattern of water droplets that produce a soft rainfall effect and sound. Used individually or in multiples, these features add a distinctive visual appeal.

The unique rippled edge design of our RiverFall delivers delicate channels of water at low volume levels to a sheet of active surface water at higher levels.
Scalloped SpillEdge

A gorgeous example of form and function being one; The SpillEdge extends the water flow while Scallops create an eye-catching ripple effect.

Not only are Scuppers are a great addition for architectural detail but their baffle chambers reduce water turbulence.

Sheets of liquid glass cascade down, creating a gentle effervescence as the waterfall meets the surface below.

The best edge treatment for any transition. Calms splashing and provides a glass-like surface for a quieter effect.

Create an elegant free-flowing effect that can be embedded into transition area
Spouts, Sconces, & Scuppers

Provide that little extra touch of elegance and old world charm to any water environment.
Step Scupper

Make a bold statement with these dramatic and dynamic units. Use individually or in multiples at low or high water flow to achieve your desired effect.
Water Bowls

Imitate one of nature's most relaxing sounds as water gently flows into your pool, spa, pond, or basin.
Fire & Water Bowls

These deluxe features combine the drama of fire and elegance of water to create the ultimate sensory experience.