ClearView chemicals cover all your pool care needs. Balancers, Sanitizers, Algaecides, Shocks, and Specialty chems are color coded for easy identification and Moto, the ClearView frog provides superior brand recognition.
The ClearView Frog story.
ClearView Product Guide

All the chemicals you need to keep your pool clean, clear and safe.

An array of products designed to target and treat a variety of algae and the associated issues they create.

Keep your water balanced with products designed to keep Alkalinity, pH, and Calcium levels in check and water conditioned, for optimum efficiency.

Chlorine and Bromine products are designed to sanitize your pool and spa water. This includes our signature product, Scent-Trific - a full strength, low odor, longer lasting chlorine tab!

Remove contaminants and impurities from your pool while restoring sparkle and clarity to your water with Chlorine or Chlorine Free shock treatment options.

Specialty chemicals cover a broad spectrum of potential water needs such as eliminating phosphates, metal removers, filter/cartridge cleaners, and more.