Accessories & Games
Accessories & Games
Cleaning Accessories cover a wide variety of products such as cleaning, safety, and testing equipment.  Animal products are professional strength tools while Stinger tools are for the homeowner who values affordable quality.  Classic tools are for the conscientious homeowner looking for the best economic value. 
Games include Basketball and Volleyball fun in a low impact, buoyant environment. 
PoolPals Maintenance Product Guide

All the products you need to maintain your pool and spa.
Gorilla Tuff-Basket

Gorilla Tuff-Basket: The Toughest, Most Flexible Skimmer Basket Ever! Replaces 15 Popular Baskets!
Professional Cleaning Tools

Quality components & ergonomic design make Animal Pro brushes, rakes, poles, hoses, and vacuums the perfect tools for the pool professional.
Deluxe Cleaning Tools

Stinger poles, rakes, brushes, vacuums, and hoses are perfect for every pool consumer! Durable and easy to use, Stinger is the perfect backyard companion.
Automatic Pool Cleaner

Let the Inspiration L5 Automatic Pool Cleaner do the work. This easy to install unit will automatically make it's way around the pool, picking up and removing debris.

Pool brushes for every level of use from professional grade, to high-end consumer use, and classic styles - you're sure to find the right tool for any application.
Chlorinators / Brominators

When using Chlorine or Bromine as your selected pool and/or spa sanitizing method, Chlorinators and Brominators are an easy way to disperse the chemical into the water.

As with other forms of aquatic exercise, enjoy all the fun of Basketball and Volleyball in a low impact, buoyant environment.

A full spectrum of hoses including Filter Hose, Automatic Pool Cleaner Hose, APC Lead Hose, Drain Hose, and Professional to Value Vacuum Hose.
Parts & Accessories

Accessory items such as Stain-Out Erasers, Plumbing Labels, and Pole Hangers, along with replacement parts for Rakes, Skimmers, Poles, and more

Everything from the Animal Pro Pole to Stinger Deluxe, Stinger Mini, and Classics in Telescoping, Wood, Fiberglass, and Safety.
Rakes & Skimmers

A staple tool of pool cleaning, Rakes and Skimmers are available in professional quality, homeowner grade, and standard classics.
Safety Equipment

There's no substitute for pool safety. Here you'll find a variety of safety items including Float Line, Rope, Signage and Life Hooks.
Skimmer Weirs

These replacement Skimmer Weirs are extremely easy to install with a Quick Pull cord and tool-free installation.
Spa Accessories

Stinger quality in a "Mini" design with the spa, hot tub, pond, or fountain owner in mind, in versions better suited for smaller environments.
Start Up Kits

A convenient and easy way to start of with the necessary tools needed for pool cleaning and maintenance.
Test Kits / Strips / Solutions

Various water testing options including full test kits, replacement solutions, and test strips.

Take your pool and/or spas temperature with thermometers designed specifically for your aquatic environments.

Your easy to use, go-to tool for easy vacuuming of walls, floors, and steps.