ClearSpa 104°
ClearSpa 104°
Spas and hot tubs require products designed specifically for hot water. Clear Spa 104° offers a variety of Balancers, Sanitizers, Shocks, and Specialty chemicals needed to provide a clean, clear hot water experience.
Clear Spa 104 Products Guide

Flip through the pages of our Specialty Spa care chemical products. All Clear Spa 104 products are specifically developed for the high temperatures of hot tubs and spas.

Keep your spa water balanced with products designed to keep Alkalinity, pH, and Calcium levels in check and water conditioned, for optimal efficiency.

Chlorine and Bromine products designed to sanitize your spa water.

Remove contaminants and impurities from your pool while restoring sparkle and clarity to your water with our Chlorine or Chlorine Free shock treatment options.

Specialty chemicals cover a broad spectrum of potential water needs such as eliminating phosphates, metal removers, filter/cartridge cleaners, and more.