These quick and easy to use Vacuums are simply attached to a hose and telescoping pole (see Stinger Hoses and Poles for various options). Leaves, twigs, pebbles and other particles are removed and sent to the filtration system where they're captured and contained, sending sparkling clean water back to the pool.
Stinger Wheel Vacuum
Part: VH2205PP
Wheeled Stinger Vacuum for easy pool floor, wall, and stair clean-ups.
Stinger, Kidney-Shaped, Brush Vacuum
Part: VH2225PP
This kidney-shaped vacuum is an easy to use model for cleanups of floors, walls, steps, and initial brush vacuuming of gunite pools on startup.
Stinger Max Clear Triangle Vacuum
Part: VH3240PP
This clear unit enables you to see debris as you vacuum over it. Triangle-shape makes it easier to get into sharp corners and nooks. Easily clean walls, floors, and steps.
Stinger, Triangle-Shaped, Brush Vacuum
Part: VH2250PP
The triangle shape of this vacuum makes it easier to get into sharp corners and nooks. Easily cleans walls, floors, and steps as well as a great brush vac for gunite startups.
Stinger Mini Spa Vacuum
Part: VH2200C
The Stinger Spa Vac works with the pressure from a garden hose to create a Venturi action that draws debris into the vacuum bag for easy removal.
Big Gobbler Vacuum
Part: VH2236
The Big Gobbler operates with a garden hose establishing a venturi action which then drives debris into its own bag where it's captured for removal.
Big Gobbler Replacement Bag - Regular Mesh
Part: RP721
The Regular Mesh Bag is designed to capture standard to larger debris.
Big Gobbler Replacement Bag - Fine Mesh
Part: RP722
Fine mesh bags are designed to capture smaller particles and debris.
Big Gobbler Wheel Assembly
Part: RP723CS
Over time, the wheels on your Big Gobbler Vacuum may wear and need to be replaced.