Spa Accessories
Spa Accessories
The Stinger Mini line of products is ideal for spas, hot tubs, fountains, or ponds. The brush, pole, vacuum, and rakes are made with the same quality and user-friendly components as their larger counterparts but are specifically designed for ease of use in smaller spaces.
12" Stinger Mini Brush
Part: BR4012S
Ideal for spas, fountains, or ponds. The Stinger Mini Brush gets into smaller spaces and corners better than a larger pool brush.
Stinger Mini Rake with Standard Bag
Part: LN4045
The Stinger Mini Rake with Regular Bag is perfect for smaller areas and ideal for capturing everyday debris.
Stinger Mini Rake with Sand Bag
Part: LN4040
The Stinger Mini Rake/net with Sand Bag is perfect for smaller areas and ideal for capturing fine debris and particles.
Stinger Mini Pole
Part: PL40036
The Stinger Mini Pole provides the same high quality of full-sized Stinger poles, just in an easier to manage 3' - 6' package
Stinger Mini Spa Vacuum
Part: VH2200C
The Stinger Spa Vac works with the pressure from a garden hose to create a Venturi action that draws debris into the vacuum bag for easy removal.