Chlorinators / Brominators
Chlorinators / Brominators
Chlorinators and Brominators are floating devices that disperse a steady flow of Chlorine and Bromine throughout your pool and/or spa. There are a variety of sizes and styles available to accommodate your needs.
Chillin' Charlie Chlorinator
Part: CL380
*** New Design ***
Chill out with the cool dude at the pool! Chillin' Charlie floats on his own iceberg while chlorine is distributed throughout the pool.
3" Tab Chlorinator
Part: CL296ABWS
Pop-Up Chlorinator. Easy storage. Expands to full size when ready to use. When chlorine levels get low, the red indicator top pops up to notify you.

POP-UP Brominator / Chlorinator
Part: CL270
POP-UP Spa Brominator/Chlorinator. Expands to size for easy storage, taking up only 4 3/4" x 2 5/8' on the shelf.
Spa Brominator / Chlorinator
Part: CL280
Fixed height Spa Brominator/Chlorinator for use with 1" tabs
3" Tab Chlorinator
Part: CL290ABW
Chlorinator for use with 3" tabs