Keep your pool steps, walls, and floor clean with Stinger Brushes.  They come in varieties specifically designed for plaster, pebble, or vinyl pools.  For smaller jobs, the Stinger Mini is specifically designed for areas such as spas, hot tubs, ponds, and fountains.  
18" Stinger Plaster Brush
Part: BR4018C
18" Stinger Brush with a combination of grit and poly bristles, designed for plaster and gunite pool surfaces.
18" Stinger Pebble Brush
Part: BR4018G
18" Stinger Brush with grit bristles, designed for pebble surfaces.
18" Stinger Vinyl Brush
Part: BR4018S
18" Stinger Brush with poly bristles, designed for vinyl and all pool surfaces.
12" Stinger Mini Brush
Part: BR4012S
Ideal for spas, fountains, or ponds. The Stinger Mini Brush gets into smaller spaces and corners better than a larger pool brush.