Automatic Pool Cleaner
Automatic Pool Cleaner
The Inspiration L5 is an easy way to automatically remove debris from your pool.  The cleaner works with your pools circulation cycle and, in random patterns, covers your pool floor picking up leaves and other particles.  
Replacement parts are "universal" meaning that they'll work on the Inspiration L5 along with other similar suction cleaners. 
Inspiration Rebuild Kit
Part: APCLP-123
Universal Rebuild Kit for your Inspiration L5, L6, or other automatic suction pool cleaner.
Inspiration Replacement Diaphragm
Part: APCLP-1
The diaphragm regulates water flow and ensures that the cleaner runs properly.
Inspiration Replacement Foot Pad
Part: APCLP-3
A replacement Foot Pad holds the flower style Suction Seal in place.
Inspiration Replacement Suction Seal
Part: APCLP-2
The flower style suction seal acts as a balancing apron that helps carry the cleaner along the floor of the pool.