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Once upon a time there was a little Ao-Gaeru (a green tree frog), who lived on the island of Shikoku, Japan. One day he went out exploring for the best insects to eat. Not far from his family's hilltop tree, he could see a large shiny object below in Tokushima. "This shiny thing must be a place with good things to eat", thought the little Ao-Gaeru. For days he hopped from tree to tree all the way to Tokushima. Once there, he discovered the shiny object was unlike any tree he had seen before. It was in fact the Shikoku Plant, home of the world's finest sanitizing products.

Attracted by this strange sight, the little green frog wandered inside to see more. The little Ao-Gaeru was now so hungry that he boldly searched for something good to eat in this strange place. In one big leap, the little green frog landed on a sheet of tin. The tin was so hot that the little Ao-Gaeru bounced off quickly and fell to the ground in great pain.

However, the little green frog was in luck, for the master engineer, Hiro, was just completing his final test of a unique new way to make chlorine.  This was a monumental event for Hiro, a triumph in making the world's purest, highest quality chlorine. Hiro saw the little green frog land on the tin and he grieved for the poor creature that was accidentally injured.
Hiro carefully lifted the little Ao-Gaeru and treated its feet and toes with a special ointment and small bandages. The little green frog's condition improved quickly with Hiro's care and attention. In a special cedar box on Hiro's laboratory desk, the little green frog had his fill of insects that Hiro would provide. The little green frog became a living symbol of Hiro's successful experiment and grew very dear to the Shikoku engineer. One night Hiro had a strange dream. He dreamt of his final experiment, the special hot tin bath and the heat reaction required in producing his pure chlorine, only he saw it all from the eyes of the little Ao-Gaeru. He felt the little green frog's pain and his panic. His toes burned and ached as if they were on fire. Hiro awoke from his dream eager to check on his little green friend.

Entering his laboratory the next morning, Hiro carefully unwrapped the little green tree frog's bandages. Its feet were now healed, but to his surprise the toes of the frog had turned bright red -- a very rare sight. This was the only red-toed tree frog on Shikoku Island, maybe in all Japan. Hiro and the little green tree frog became best friends. The little Ao-Gaeru stayed in Hiro's lab for the rest of its days and was well cared for. The little green, "red-toed", tree frog became the symbol for Shikoku's secret processing technology. This secret processing method of making chlorine has been used and perfected for over 50 years now.